Being a Driveline based organisation Tailshafts, Universal joints, Yokes, centre bearings and flanges are also available at Independant Parts. From SPL series, GWB to 1710, 1810 and mechanics joints are stocked in Spicer, Quality gear and Precision brands.
We can even build, service, repair and balance your shafts so contact us about your driveshaft needs today.

Drive shafts are a critical component in any piece of machinery as they influence the workings of mating components such as Differentials and Transmissions. Below lists the key areas for consideration when finding vibrations and resultant failures in mating components

Drive shaft working angles (see doc) Wear on uni joints, slip yokes and lubrication. Suitable working length Tailshaft / jack shaft balance. If you are in doubt refer to our helpful links on checks you can do yourself. Contact us for your drive and PTO shaft needs.

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